Through my looking glass – Part 1

Depending on the circumstances, I’m afforded the opportunity to shoot a variety of subjects.  When working for myself, I could be shooting a wedding, a newly engaged lovey-dovey couple, the interior of a local business, a band in all their goofy goodness, or a family just being themselves in our beautiful out-of-doors.  During my work-work — well, that’s when things can be extremely exciting or as entertaining as watching paint dry.  I shoot everything from local business award ceremonies, school board meetings, and fundraising walk-a-thons, to huge concert events, Greyhound hockey games, and colourful summer festivals.  For pleasure, and for my own personal enjoyment, I’ve been known to grab my gear and head out for a stroll, aiming my lens at whatever happens to tickle my fancy.  I’m easily tickled…

I get more enjoyment out some, but surprise gems sometimes manage to pop up when/ where I least expect it.  This post is the first of many that will highlight a favourite shot from the more than 90,000 currently stored, backed up, cherished and sometimes forgotten about in the chaotic pile of stuff that I call my home office.

The shot below is brought to you by a frenzied gathering of crazy mo-fo punk rock fans last summer at the Canadian Night Club in Sault Ste. Marie, ON.  The bands:  The Inner City Surfers, This is a Standoff, Death By Stereo, and Strung Out.  Shows like this one at a relatively small venue are nightmarish for photographers.  The pit is a dangerous place to be, and on this particular evening, I had to decide between saving my own ass or protecting my camera gear.  I was on assignment.  I had to get shots of the bands.  I had no choice but to brave the churning mosh pit.  And as a result, I got injured.  I actually bled.  But I sucked it up, did what I had to do, then got the f*ck outta there.

Then I turned my lens on the crowd.  That sweaty, writhing mass of limbs and grimaced faces as they fed off the angst and energy of Strung Out.  And I got this shot, quite possibly my favourite crowd shot ever…

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