I’m legally prohibited from posting my picture


I shot one of my most favouritest (it’s a word in my world) concert photos ever Tuesday night. It’s of Paul Stanley. Paul Stanley from KISS.

Yes, that Paul Stanley.

Believe it or not, KISS actually played our little town in our little arena to our little audience of 4,700. It was undoubtedly the band’s smallest show in decades. Everything do with the show – the stage, the effects, the sound and lighting – reportedly had to be scaled back just to fit into the Sault’s Essar Centre.

While I am a member of the KISS Army (don’t laugh…… OK. Laugh), it’s not a band I would wait in line for hours or climb over my grandmother to get tickets to see. But the tiny metal-head in me was really looking forward to the show. I’ve been known to rock out to Deuce, Strutter and Detroit Rock City. And lets be honest, folks – Hard Luck Woman is a fan-frikken-tastic tune.

So there I was Tuesday night, dressed in a slutty tank top in order to gain the lads’ attention in an effort to snap some primo shots – hey, it worked a few years back when I shot them in Sault Michigan – surrounded by 4,700 KISS maniacs. And amidst the strobe lights, and fireworks, and giant platform boots, and fog, and Gene Simmons’ wagging tongue was Paul Stanley posing and primping and crawling around on the stage just for the media, all sparkly spandex and ruby-lipped.

It was awesome.

Never in all the shows I’ve shot have I seen a musician offer the photogs in the pit so many outstanding photo ops. He certainly didn’t do that during the Michigan Sault performance. That one was all about Gene, which was also fun. But c’mon. Paul Stanley is WAY prettier.

So, there he was doing his thing, and all of us on the bottom of the media food chain were doing our thing, just snapping like crazy hoping the fucking annoying strobe lights weren’t killing the shots. And when I got home to review my digital treasures, clicking through frantically looking for the one I knew I’d captured, suddenly there it was.


You’re likely wondering why, with all my excitement about the Paul Stanley pic, is the shot not included in this post. Unfortunately, in order to be granted the privilege of photographing some of the biggest acts in the world, media are often required to sign a photo release. This one for KISS was insanely extensive. Even though since posting the picture on SooToday.com (the only place I’m allowed to use the shot) I’ve seen it scattered throughout Facebook as friends and family nabbed it for their profile picture, I’m legally prohibited from posting, sharing, publishing, copying, or selling my own photo. It’s kinda pissing me off, actually.

I shouldn’t be surprised, I guess. It’s not the first time this has happened. But my fingers were crossed that a release would not be required to shoot this KISS performance since it wasn’t the last time I had the same honour.

Oh well.

All I can do is link through to my original post. So here it is. Enjoy it. I wish I could.


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