The missing link

Gordie Johnson.

Guitar god, cool dude, handsome fella and “the missing link between Junior Brown and Black Flag” as Jello Biafra once said.

I have every recording he’s ever released, and many he’s produced for others, including Molly Johnson, the Trews and the Joel Plaskett Emergency. I’ve seen him every time he’s performed in the Sault – 8 times with Big Sugar and twice with Grady.

Following his career from the dapper Hugo Boss-clad soulful jazz blues dude to the leather panted reggae dub rock monster, and now the cowboy hat- and boot-wearin’ country metal shredneck has been an exhilarating ride. None of his personal incarnations are better or worse than the next – he completely owns any style or musical genre he decides to adopt. He’s just that awesome.

On Tuesday, November 16, Gordie returns to the Sault along with Big Ben Richardson and Nina “The Queena” Singh as Grady performs at the Grand Theatre. This excites me greatly. I encourage anyone who’s able to attend. Seriously. Grady will kick you in the balls and you’ll say ‘thank you.’  All the deets can be found here.

In the meantime, take a gander at one of my favourite shots I captured during Grady’s October 2009 performance at the Canadian Night Club. A photo gallery from that show can be seen here.

See you at the show on the 16th! I recommend earplugs.

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