Missing a beat

Anyone who’s ever even attempted to shoot a band’s live performance knows that drummers are often left out in the cold when it comes to usable shots.  They’re normally tucked way at the back, and dimly lit behind a million and a half reflective surfaces and a ginormous kit.

Poor, poor drummers.

Please know that we photogs would love to take totally rad shots of you, dear drummers.  But all too often, it’s just impossible.  Blame your band mates for hiding you away from public view…

Once in a while, however, we get lucky.  As was the case during Grady’s November 2010 performance in Sault Ste. Marie at the Grand Theatre.  Drummer Nina “The Queena” Singh is a lot of things — a sweet girl, a *killer* drummer, and amusing to watch.  But one thing she definitely isn’t is tall.  This makes getting cool shots of her all that more difficult.  Luckily, the stage at the Grand is nice and big, allotting enough space for the boys to give Nina a bit o’ breathing room — and me and my 300 mm lens the opportunity to finally capture The Queena in all her glory.

The series of shots in the slide show below make me LOL every time I look at ’em.  I’m not sure what the circumstances were — whether she messed up, one of the boys messed up or Gordie ventured from the set list, throwing her for a loop — but her expressive face is simply priceless.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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