To HDR or not to HDR

I’ve resisted even attempting HDR for a long time.  I’ve resisted hard.  There are many reasons for this.

1.  I’ve seen it done so, so poorly by so many people, it’s been a pretty serious turn-off.  I find a good portion of HDR images floating about the net are ugly, over saturated, haloed, cartoonish pieces of crap.  Can’t anyone just take a frikken picture any more without processing the snot out of it?  …sheesh…

2.  It’s not often that I’m out and about with all my gear and tripod just shooting for the fun of it.  Mostly I’m shooting live, moving targets (bands, musicians)… not at all conducive to the bracketed image capturing required to create an HDR image.

3.  I enjoy the K.I.S.S. rule.  Simplicity makes me a happy camper.  And it’s often the simplest, most basic images that are my favourites.

4.  I have a history of resisting photo trends.  Heck, I didn’t even purchase my first digital SLR until 2005.

So anyway, I decided to give this whole HDR business a try.  The image below was created using three bracketed shots taken at night.  Yes, I know… not optimal circumstances, but I just happened to be out shooting for the fun of it with all my gear and tripod in tow, and it just happened to be at night.  And yes, I know the final image would have been more dynamic if I’d taken five, or even seven shots rather than limiting it to three.  But I’m kind of impatient.  And it was damn cold out that night.

Well, here it is.  My very first attempt at HDRI.  Aside from the dull grey sky, I’m relatively pleased.  Pleased enough to try it again.  Feedback is more than welcome.

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