I (heart) outtakes…

You may or may not know this, but music photography is kinda my specialty (d’uh…. I kid, of course).  Live performance, to be precise.  But every once in a while I get asked to do band or musician promo shots.  I don’t do this a lot, because….. well, lets be honest…. bands can be *challenging* to get organized enough to schedule a shoot.  But I do, indeed, enjoy doing them.  Most bands are just a hoot to hang with.

So, earlier this year, in the dead of winter, I got a frantic call from my friend and yours, Mr. Dustin Jones of Dustin Jones and the Rising Tide fame.  He needed shots for the band’s upcoming release ASAP.  Because we were experiencing one helluva bad-ass blizzard, an outdoor shoot was out of the question.  And due to the short notice, the studio I’d used in the past was unavailable.  Our solution?  To clear all the furniture out of Dustin’s living room and make due with that.  Good times.

Possibly the best thing about doing a band shoot is the joking around.  I’ve always managed to get some hilarious “outtakes” as a result….. especially when Mikey Hawdon (Lion Ride, Inner City Surfers, Detroit, Dustin Jones and the Rising Tide) is involved.  The boy definitely ain’t shy.  The image below is hands down my favourite outtake…………. so far.

And for those of you who don’t enjoy looking at Mikey’s naked bum (which I don’t understand…. I find it quite cute), here’s another outtake from the same session.  Only a bit goofy and not nearly as funny, but I just really like the shot.

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