Another sign

Yep.  It seems to be a trend with me.  HDR images of area signs.  I didn’t mean for it play out this way, but there are just so many cool old signs in and around the Sault.  I can’t help myself.

Ernie’s Diner has been a popular staple for decades, serving extremely high quality food at an affordable price.  They’ve been known to reject product deliveries because the quality of the merchandise wasn’t to their standards.  Sadly, however, this awesome little hole-in-the-wall took the infamous Ernie Burger off the menu – a one-pound culinary delight.  Rumour has it, if you call ahead, you can still get one.  It takes half an hour to cook, so order a coffee and hang tight.

They also sell an impressive (and sometimes painful) array of hot sauces, some of which the buyer must sign a waiver before purchase.  Ouch.

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