Gathering at the Rapids 2014

I’ve been fascinated by Native American culture since I was a wee tot. Not 100 percent sure where it began, but I do recall seeing A Man Called Horse when I was probably too young. Too young to fully understand it, anyway. But my first viewing of the film’s Sun Dance ceremony is permanently etched. It was a pretty powerful thing for a small lass to behold. I was enthralled.

And then I fell in love with Adam Beach many years later, but that’s whole other story…

Given where I live, there’s never any shortage of Anishinaabe events, ceremonies, celebrations and the like to take part in. This past weekend I attended the 9th annual Gathering at the Rapids traditional Pow Wow at Algoma University. It had been a few years since my last Pow Wow visit. If you’ve never been, please take the time to attend one in your area. They’re such joyous events full of amazing sights, sounds and smells (mmm… tacos). The dancing and exquisite regalia make outstanding photo ops. And it’s just really fun to watch.

I adore the shot above. It may be my favourite from the event. I love the interaction and obvious respect between the elder and the young boy.

I’ve added some shots from the 9th annual Gathering at the Rapids traditional Pow Wow to one of my ‘other’ galleries, available here.

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