Head banger

Head Banger

Back in November, Sault metal band The Bear Hunters released its debut CD Eternal Hibernation. I grabbed this shot during the show at the Canadian Night Club of singer Nik Deubel mid-head bang. There’s actually a series of five shots I managed to capture, but this was my favourite from the bunch.

Despite the nature of the band’s music, these boys are really a bunch of pussy cats. Fun group and passionate about what they do even if the genre isn’t quite my thing.

I interviewed Mitchell Sirie about the band’s inaugural release prior to the celebration, went to the show to snap a gallery of shots, and chatted with the boys following their performance for this latest episode of Tuned on Local2.

Like metal? Like supporting local music? Feel like throwing these lads a few bucks to fund their next release? Then head over to The Bear Hunters’ BandCamp page and download your very own digital copy of Eternal Hibernation, huh? I think they’d appreciate it a whole bunch.

Thanks, all. Until next time…

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