Head banger

Head Banger

Back in November, Sault metal band The Bear Hunters released its debut CD Eternal Hibernation. I grabbed this shot during the show at the Canadian Night Club of singer Nik Deubel mid-head bang. There’s actually a series of five shots I managed to capture, but this was my favourite from the bunch.

Despite the nature of the band’s music, these boys are really a bunch of pussy cats. Fun group and passionate about what they do even if the genre isn’t quite my thing.

I interviewed Mitchell Sirie about the band’s inaugural release prior to the celebration, went to the show to snap a gallery of shots, and chatted with the boys following their performance for this latest episode of Tuned on Local2.

Like metal? Like supporting local music? Feel like throwing these lads a few bucks to fund their next release? Then head over to The Bear Hunters’ BandCamp page and download your very own digital copy of Eternal Hibernation, huh? I think they’d appreciate it a whole bunch.

Thanks, all. Until next time…

Decisions, decisions…

This site needs an update. I’ve grown tired of looking at it. You may have noticed a few changes as of late as I fiddle and fart around with stuff and things. I must say, I’m not thrilled with the current state of the site. So please be patient as I fiddle and fart around with stuff and things a bit more.

OK. It will probably be a lot more.

Until stuff and things get worked out, please enjoy this shot of Greyhounds net-minder Matt Murry for absolutely no reason at all. Go Hounds, go!



Greenhouse Swirl

Paid a much-needed toasty warm visit to the Bellevue Park Greenhouse this weekend. It’s an annual thing for work that I quite enjoy. It’s lovely and warm and colourful and bright. Just what a girl needs after a long miserable winter here in the north.

The shot above is my favourite from the day.


Gathering at the Rapids 2014

I’ve been fascinated by Native American culture since I was a wee tot. Not 100 percent sure where it began, but I do recall seeing A Man Called Horse when I was probably too young. Too young to fully understand it, anyway. But my first viewing of the film’s Sun Dance ceremony is permanently etched. It was a pretty powerful thing for a small lass to behold. I was enthralled.

And then I fell in love with Adam Beach many years later, but that’s whole other story…

Given where I live, there’s never any shortage of Anishinaabe events, ceremonies, celebrations and the like to take part in. This past weekend I attended the 9th annual Gathering at the Rapids traditional Pow Wow at Algoma University. It had been a few years since my last Pow Wow visit. If you’ve never been, please take the time to attend one in your area. They’re such joyous events full of amazing sights, sounds and smells (mmm… tacos). The dancing and exquisite regalia make outstanding photo ops. And it’s just really fun to watch.

I adore the shot above. It may be my favourite from the event. I love the interaction and obvious respect between the elder and the young boy.

I’ve added some shots from the 9th annual Gathering at the Rapids traditional Pow Wow to one of my ‘other’ galleries, available here.

It has been said: Throwing facts at hyperbole

It has been said… I only ever provide media coverage of four local bands.

FACT: From the beginning of 2009 through to the end of 2013, I wrote and posted a total of 224 music-related articles (local and otherwise) including interviews, concert and show promotions, and live performance coverage. This number does not include any news releases issued by performers. The entire list can be viewed here. Honestly, I can count on one hand the number of local bands that have submitted a news release for consideration. No, that’s not an exaggeration.

The following is a list of local bands and musicians that were mentioned five or more times in any of the 224 articles I posted over the last five years. In brackets you’ll see the number of times a given artist was the focus of an article. I’ve also included those that had less than five mentions but had a feature article written about them.

Kalle Mattson – 13 (featured – 6)
Garden of Bedlam – 13 (featured – 6)
Blues Harvest – 10
Machines Dream, Craig West – 8 (featured – 2)
Rusty McCarthy, Dirty River Blues Band – 8
Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect – 8 (featured – 3)
Al Wood, Al Wood and the Woodsmen – 8 (featured – 1)
Mark Kuntsi – 7
Big Wheel and the Spokes, James Case and the Aces, Jay Case – 7 (featured – 1)
Wishbone – 7
Dustin Jones and the Rising Tide – 7 (featured – 5)
The Wild Turkeys, The Boothill Crooners – 7
Woods of Ypres, Dave Gold – 6 (featured – 4)
The Bear Hunters – 6 (featured – 1)
Cody McMillan, The Soft Shoe Shufflers – 6 (featured – 2)
Shannon Moan – 6
Joseph Kargi – 6 (featured – 2)
Porter – 6 (featured – 1)
Sense of Truth – 6
Emma + Robot – 5
Guy Smith – 5 (featured – 1)
The Suicide Kings – 5
KT Antler, KT and Kyle – 5
The Billy Bastards – 4 (featured – 1)
Leaves Off Trees – 4 (featured – 1)
Johnee Rae Whalen – 3 (featured – 2)
Ed Young – 3 (featured – 1)
Crystal Shawanda – 2 (featured – 2)
IT, Nick Jackson – 1 (featured – 1)

It has been said… I only cover shows at one particular venue. If you don’t play there, I won’t cover you.

Loplops is the venue in question here, and it’s no secret that it’s my favourite local bar. This is for a number of reasons, most notably, it hosts between 120 and 150 live shows a year, mostly touring bands and 99 percent original music. However, the total number of shows I promoted or covered at Loplops over the last five years was far less than my critics would have you believe. Twenty-nine. That’s 29 out of 224, or 12.9 percent. That means that 87.1 percent of the music-related articles I posted from 2009 through 2013 had absolutely nothing to do with Loplops.

Here’s the list of venues and the number of mentions each received.

Essar Centre – 34
Loplops – 29
Canadian Night Club – 24
Algonquin/Rockstar Bar – 20
Kiwanis Theatre – 14
Water Tower Inn/Pub – 12
Queen Street – 11
The Grand Theatre – 9
Bondar Pavilion – 8
Kewadin Casino – 6
Clergue Park – 6
Roosevelt Hotel – 5
Grand Gardens – 5
Foggy Notions – 5
Bellevue Park – 4
Coch’s Corner – 3
Arcadia Coffee House – 3
Algoma University – 3
The Machine Shop – 3
Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre – 3
Bottom’s Up Lounge – 3
Glow Night Club – 2
Cafe Natura – 2
Oddfellows Hall – 1
Art Gallery of Algoma – 1

Take these facts however you like. I look forward to comments.